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Annual G3 Women's Conference

Grab your Godly Girlfriends and join God's Girls as we gather to be DELIVERED, HEALED, and  RESTORED in the Kingdom, to Kingdom work for Kingdom purposes.  Your registration includes a commemorative anniversary t-shirt, delicious lunch, holy hilarity, all alongside  MESSAGES of hope, TOOLS for the battle, and intimate CONVERSATIONS in a sisterhood of GIRLS!  Help us celebrate five GRACE FILLED years in the service of the Lord.  Please visit the HOME PAGE by clicking the tab above.  Don't miss the registration and opportunity to meet Jesus Face to Face.   We hope to see you there to join us and others!

Conferences, Retreats Workshops


Getting Your Financial House In Order (ZOOM)

Join Karen S. Smith as she guides women through various financial planning workshops.  Topics include a variety of money matters that are important to help women be good stewards over the resources God provides.  Topics include, but are not limited to: Budgeting, Eliminating debt, Wills, Insurance policies, Retirement planning and more.  Visit our G3 Sistas Connection page and connect with Karen at her website to learn more!  FYI:  This workshop is FREE!

February ~ Jewel Warrior Women's Conference

Join visionary Grace Smith and other Jewel Warriors as we awaken the lioness within every February.  Every ticket includes inspiring STORIES of overcoming, MESSAGES of hope, TOOLS for the battle, and intimate CONVERSATIONS in a sisterhood of GIRLS!  This will be our first year in attendance.  Click the underlined internal link to visit our G3 Vendors page to visit the Jewel Warrior website to register and attend annually when the time is right.  We hope to see you there to join us and others!

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March ~ Wisdom And You Ministries

Join us as we support Pastor Dianna Cole for her annual women in history event every March.  Pastor Cole is the visionary for “Wisdom And You” (WAY) Ministries.  This is a Communications Organization that focuses on the Physical and Spiritual Health and Wellness of Women and Girls! This year's conference promises to deliver, heal and restore women to wholeness!  Visit the G3 Sistas Connection page to connect with Pastor Cole's website and register.  The G3 Core B Team will be present to share in these festivities.  Join us!

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April ~ Kept Women of God Conference

Join us in Kansas City, MO, every spring for the  KWOG conference.  It is a fun filled conference, complete with the opportunity to retreat at a hotel, fellowship over food, and meet new Sistas in Christ.  Click on the live internal link to visit the KWOG website from our G3 Sistas Connection page. Find Rochinda's website - click and register.  Don't meet us there, beat us there!

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