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A.  Is the G3 Conference for Women Only? Yes

B.  Do you recruit NEW Volunteers?   Yes

C.  How do I volunteer?  Contact the G3 Administrator or visionary at the email: or message them through the website's contact us form.

D.  Is there always a cost associated with G3?  Yes. The conference desires to provide meals, t-shirts, conference bags, honorariums, two annual awards and more as we share in Christian fellowship over food and fun.  Though our goal is to always accomplish this to keep the costs down, it is imperative to have operating funds during the course of planning and implementation (June - December).

E.  Can we donate monies to G3 year around?  Yes!  We welcome you making our conference a part of your giving if the Lord leads you to do so.  Again, click the link on the Home page as there is a DONATIONS button year around.

F.  What is the average cost of the G3 Women's Conference?  If the conference is on Zoom (without the frills), the cost will range between $10-$15.  If, and when, we return to on-site, the costs will range between $35-$50.  Prices have been driven up by the pandemic, but we pray God continues to make a way!

G.  When it is on site, do you book hotels at conference rates?  We have not except for participants of the conference from out of town since most attendees have relatives or friends in the area.  However, once we return to a corporate assembly, we will revisit this area.

H.  Do you provide child care during the G3 conference?  Yes!  Our goal is to provide you with an opportunity to attend without distractions.  We man our children's area with young adults, high school community service workers, or adults who volunteer to create a safe and fun space while you Grow, Glow and Go to the conference.  We don't want any prohibitions.

I.  Do you take photographs or video record?  Yes.  Registration at any G3 Women's Conference grants us the right to use your image or any parts of your voice etc. for the sole purposes of promoting the work we do to advance the Kingdom!

J.  Do you have vendors?  Yes!  When we are on site, the goal is to have several vendors, non competitive, that will afford the attendees some therapy relief (smile).  Due to the dynamics of the online worship experience, we will flow in and out with the vendors.  They may or may not be set up in the normal sense, as such, but space may or may not be given.  We always let the Lord lead us.

K.  How do you become a vendor?  To become a vendor, one simply emails the G3 administrator who will put you in touch with our vendor coordinator.  An application and applicable fee will be rendered.  The vendors typically have perks.  However, there is no vending during the conference sessions.  All women are asked to close so they can partake of the SOULfood provided.  There is ample opportunity, however, to be blessed financially.

L. Is there a cost to be a vendor?  Yes!  Typically the cost is similar to the G3 participants.  It ranges from $35-$50.  It will include lunch, advertisement, 1 table and 2 chairs, and a helper to assist with sales.  The specifics are rendered in more specific or exact detail annually, as updates are made.  This is the general rule of thumb.

M.  Does G3 host any other events?  Yes!  Check out the website for more specifics.  G3 falls under the umbrella of SOULfood TGP: The Gathering Place, LLC.  Everything we do points to God.  We have DOZ:  Daughters of Zion, a monthly prayer circle.  We have SIGMA:  Sistas In God Mirroring Abba.  This is where we establish accountability partners to help us in our daily walk with God.  We have CIC:  Christ In the Community - a service of worship we take to the senior living centers in the community, inclusive of snacks, games, and fellowship in Word and worship.  Jamming with Jesus is a weekly thirty minute jam session where we uplift Kingdom women.  It was birthed during the pandemic.  We also have the G3 Seasonal Bookclub.  We gather to read and discuss literature using the Bible as our foundation to walk horizontally and equip ourselves for offering hope to others.  Finally, we have our GIRLS TRIP annual excursions whereby we rest and relax in the Lord from our labors.  These excursions are typically in June and within 4-5 hours drive from St. Louis.  We are looking to expand our horizons, in the near future to include flights and further distances.

O.  Will there be more questions added?  Yes!  TBC :-)

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