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About Us

Who we are?

G3: God's Girls Gathering is a diverse group of women of faith across the nation united on account of Christ to glorify God in Word, Worship and Witness!  Each women uses her gifts and talents to encourage, uplift, and edify others.  Individually, we all seek God's face.  We unite annually to have a mountaintop  encounter, as did Moses, face to face with God.  All of us are united by one purpose of heart to aid other Sistas desiring to grow in grace.

Our history

We started with

A vision and inspiration from God in 2018.  The philosophy is rooted in the CARETEAM model.  This model is comprised of a diverse group of Christian women of faith dedicated to God, humbly submitted to His authority, and willing to unite to fulfill His plans and purposes by...









We are built on a foundation of prayer

We are a group of women called of God as a multidisciplinary spiritual care team organized under the leadership of The Great Physician; each member of the team has specific responsibilities and the whole team contributes to the care of every sista on the journey who desires to grow in grace.

The G3 Visionary & Facilitator

Rev. Denita E. Robinson, a native of Freeport, IL, is a Daughter of the King.  As one of God's Girls, she has been delivered to tell her story within HIStory to glorify God and lead souls to Christ.  She is an encourager and staunch supporter of Sistas serving Christ.  Sista Rev. Rob, as she is affectionately known,  has a servant's heart.   She considers herself to be a friend of Jesus and a friend of yours.  Her greatest desire is to spread joy as she lifts up the name of Jesus - drawing men, women, boys and girls to a faith filled life centered in Christ to grow gracefully through the Word of God.  

The G3 Missouri/Illinois B Team

Scribe Karen S. Smith

G3 Administrator

Karen, our St. Louis financial guru, wears multiple hats for the G3 Team. She serves as the G3 registrar, G3 administrator, and G3 financial overseer responsible for the overall management of attendees and finances annually.  Karen,  operates in her many gifts to ensure G3 participants engage in a seamless process.  Karen creates many of the forms we utilize, as well as ensure we meet all deadlines.  Karen is a huge asset to G3.

Pamela D. Ingram

G3 Prayer Intecessor

Pam, a native St. Louisan, is the G3 WAR ROOM intercessor who labors long as she operates in her gift.  She is our 24/7 prayer warrior interceding on behalf of the entire G3 conference - inclusive of the A-C Care Team participants, attendees, and the visionary.  Pam is G3's strong tower who also fills in as administrative assistant.  She is always ready to support G3 in any capacity needed.  Pam is our tech guru, and for that we are grateful.

Annie M. Robinson

G3 Hospitality Clerk

Anna, a native of St. Louis, is our compassionate care and hospitality extraordinaire.   She also serves as our in-house resident photographer.  Anna's responsibilities  allows her to coordinate between G3 participants, planners, and the team conduit.  Additionally, Anna is a front line  liaison for G3 Speakers and the G3  planning committee.  This Sistas is able to accommodate all speaking needs.  Anna has an eye for details.  Her ability to major in the minor is to our advantage.

Elder Clowana Walker

G3 Event Coordinator

Elder Clowana is the G3 B-Team member who hails from Chicago, IL.  Though she is a prayer warrior, she serves us in a variety of capacities.  Elder Clowana not only prays, but provides our prize patrol support and research of opportunities to advance G3's annual program format.  Elder Clowana's ministry responsibilities as missionary, evangelist, teacher and women's ministry assistant make her the perfect fit for our busy team.  She brings a wealth of talent and skill.

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